Life beyond fertility


Second IVF cycle: the aftermath


It’s early on Thursday 7th February 2019 and I’m awake with tummy pains. I pop some paracetamol and hope it goes away. It doesn’t. By mid-afternoon I’m back in bed, feeling shivery and by now in some degree of pain. I ring the clinic. Someone tells me it’s very unlikely to be related to my IVF and I’m probably coming down with a bug. I’m pretty sure...

The menopause: try before you buy


Today I officially started my third cycle of IVF with an intra-muscular injection (right buttock, since you ask) of Prostap, a clever little concoction designed to shut down my ovaries for the next three months. The idea is that this will calm down my endometriosis and also reduce whatever it is about endometriosis that is not conducive to successful pregnancy, before I start stimulation again...

Our first IVF cycle


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Life beyond fertility


You can't choose to have children. You can choose to try and have children. The rest is a happy outcome of biology, luck, and sometimes medical science.
My name is Catherine and I am a childless 38 year old woman with only one out of three on my side. This is my story.